Construction Inspection & Contract Administration Software

Complex capital projects need a simple solution.

Municipalities and engineering firms nationwide use Pegasus to supercharge their construction inspection and contract administration processes with accurate, real-time project data.

Get up and running in minutes
Better jobsite data in real-time
Reduce risk & improve decision making 

At QCI, our entire organization runs on Pegasus, it is at the center of our business and operations. Not only do we experience the benefits internally, but our clients experience them as well on each project.

Quality Control Inspection, Inc

This is the Best software we've seen to Date! I had so many problems with other programs not syncing up or doing what was advertised. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Government Agency

Excellent software! I was able to organize my team and take care of all of my payments quicker.

3rd Testimonial

Purpose-built solutions for the entire team.

Pegasus for Contract Administrators
Automate Contractor Payments
Simplify Change Orders
Manage your field team easily
Pegasus for Field Inspectors
All project information available anytime, anywhere
Automate your field reporting workflow
Better field report data in less time
Pegasus for Leadership
Onboard your team in minutes
Standardize organizational processes
Analyze KPIs and performance

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Track Every Project Detail, Streamline Communication & Collaboration with Pegasus

Construction Data That Works For You.

Pegasus forms collect better job site data, in less time for powerful analytics and automations that improve project intelligence and decision making. Say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets.

Field Reports

Use the Pegasus Field Reports to standardize the way project information is captured. Capture more information on the job site in less time including contractor productivity, labor, and equipment as well as job site conditions and file attachments.

Standardize and Automate your Construction Process
Manage your Capital Portfolio from a Centralized, Accessible Platform
Verify Consultant and Contractor Quality & Production


Keep your project Photos stored centrally and accessible to the entire team. View location information and reference linked project files and reports with Photos.

Standardize and Automate your Construction Process
Manage your Capital Portfolio from a Centralized, Accessible Platform
Verify Consultant and Contractor Quality & Production

Pay Estimates

Create Pay Estimates and easily reference your Field Report Data within payment date ranges to verify final quantities to be paid.

Accelerate Project Delivery
Solution Built for Team Roles from the Field to the Office
Reference your Project Data from Any Device, Anywhere

Punch Lists

Create custom lists or use the Pegasus Punch Lists and Issue Lists to assign tasks and organize quality, design, and safety issues.

Centralized and Collaborative Lists


Pegasus is a responsive web-application that can be used on mobile smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. We offer free training and onboarding services. Continued support includes 24/7 on-demand and as needed support and troubleshooting via phone, email, chat as well as unlimited access to our Knowledge Base.

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Pegasus is a Construction Management Platform For Construction Engineers & Inspectors. 99% of construction management platforms are designed for contractors, our market positioning is made primarily for Construction Administration, Engineers and inspectors on infrastructure and transportation projects.

*ROI and Benefits derived from Customer Feedback Surveys across thousands of infrastructure projects.

99% Client Retention

60% Reduced Errors

100% Scalable

75% Reported Less Disputes

90% Improve Communication

2 Minutes - Average Support Response Time

24/7 Customer Support

Field Reports

200 Hours
Saved / Year

55% Efficiency Gain

5+ Days Saved with Critical Document Handling

Built for Scale

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Standardize Your Construction Process, Centralize Your Data with Pegasus for Construction Engineering Teams